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Having a physical presence in the community, makes the difference.

Community outreach

What is outreach?

Outreach involves seeking out those who are being exploited in the commercial sex trade, and helping them to find a way out. Our outreach team also act as the first point of contact in the community, for those who want to escape or report exploitation. We also work with victims of online exploitation.

Awareness Campaigns

The truth is that sexual exploitation and trafficking usually goes 


Victims are

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Students at university

 unseen, but exploiters always prey on the most vulnerable.

What's the main cause of exploitation?


When individuals are vulnerable they are more likely to be open to: manipulation, false promises, bribery, abuses, violence, quick solutions and control. Women and girls who are uneducated, desperate financially, homeless, lacking love, or far away from support systems, are often the most targeted.

Our outreach provides
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Why we do outreach?

Many women and girls are lured into a life of slavery where their bodies are sold as commodities. The control tactics and manipulation often leave many victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, feeling as if they have no other options, but they do. Our teamwork to locate women and girls who work in prostitution and brothels, as well as others who are being exploited or trafficked to offer support, healing, prayer, 'hope bags' and escape. We believe in having a public presence and building meaningful relationships within our communities.


Through a number of steps, we hope to see women and girls liberated from our streets and in our communities, and desire for them to know they are precious individual who deserves to be loved. It's our role to support them in their journey to wholeness.

Our outreach provides



The areas we work in

Areas we work in

When we meet an exploited person.

What we do

First, we identify whether the victim is an adult whose circumstance may be more complex, or a child who needs immediate intervention

Second, we reassure her that we will listen and take the necessary time to understand the nature of the situation. We empathise and reassure the individual that they can trust us, and are valued and loved.

Thirdly, depending on the assessment of risk to the individual, we will extend the relevant support systems, lifelines, tracks on how they can contact us, prayer, hotline services, safety and refuge aswel as MET police intervention, where required. 

Fourthly, we identify any immediate needs, ensuring that the essentials for wellbeing have been provided in one of our ‘Tubman Bags’ with a track inside.

Fifth, we provide her with the opportunity to escape her current situation and offer her the necessary services.

Join outreach
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Join outreach

We are currently looking for people with the same passion and desire to fight for women’s freedom from exploitation and trafficking. We invite all above the age of 18, to join our South London teams. Protect the vulnerable, help us keep our communities safe.


CALL 08000 121 700

Monthly Advice and Counsel Group

Our victim and survivor care team runs a session from our South Norwood centre once a month, on every first friday from 10-12pm. You can drop in and meet with others in a safe environment, talking freely and confidentially, gaining support and counsel and participating in art therapy, as you take your own healing journey. 



Please contact us if you have been a victim or survivor of sexual exploitation and trafficking. We will keep your information confidential.

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