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Emerge Worldwide is a humanitarian organisation that helps those suffering trauma, on the run, and who are victims of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. We are based in Croydon and made up of volunteers and professionals from counsellors, to teachers and trainers, to pastors, mental health professionals, international women’s speakers, to advocates and other women and girls who are fighting against Sexual exploitation (SE) and sex trafficking (ST)

Our vision is to see sexual exploitation and sex trafficking abolished, and it starts one mind at a time, one life at a time!

Our Values
Our Mission


Emerge worldwide exists to ‘raise awareness' on the terrible crime of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, restore those who have been victimised, and prevent it from ever happening again through education, public campaigns, outreach and amplifying our voice until freedom rings for all women and girls.

Tour Group

Our goals

To train up people who understand the signs of exploitation

To run a national awareness event annually 

To work with survivors in our advice clinic offering counselling and empowerment   

To run several successful campaigns that promote the cause  

To provide the systems of support for survivors and collaborate with partners

To raise community champions and advocates for the cause     

To create community structures that make reporting easy     

To have a strong outreach presence in boroughs across the UK   

To lead national campaigns against GBV, SE and ST

To have a 24 hr one-stop centre in various boroughs with a hotline service

Our Focus

Our volunteers

We’re passionate about freedom, pretty out the box and we’re committed to excellence. We’d love to meet you if you’re up for joining our team.

To train up people who understand the signs of exploitation

Connecting Dots

Here are some passionate people making a difference everyday

Meet Sharlette

She is our founder who saw the needs of women and girls and rallied, men, women, boys and girls to join the international fight

Meet Jacqui

She is a trained and experienced intervention lead, who is working with organisations to train and equip her team

Meet Lisa

A passionate volunteer and trainer who is rallying her community through organisational training

Meet Sherinee

A creative and passionate member of the team who is empowering women and girls and improving future prospects

Meet Kesha

She is our annual conference leader for women and girls, and has a contagious passion to see women whole and thriving!

Our Team

Volunteering Opportunities

If your heart is burning to fight sexual exploitation in a more specific way, check out this page to see what career or volunteer opportunities might be right for you. Pop us your CV and we'll send a more detailed description.


We need someone who is super-organised, well humoured and a great communicator


We need individuals who want to support our training delivery as facilitators. Are you a people person who is a good communicator and works well to time? then we need you.


People who are wildly creative and want to use their skills to spread our message through different mediums


Are you innovative, fun, think out the box and hard-working when it comes to raising money? We need an awesome fundraising lead to help us raise the finance for our initiatives.


Are you good with connecting, boldly reaching others and a social media guru? We need you to increase our online presence and push this area of sexual exploitation and trafficking into the centre using online platforms.


We need someone that’s a people person, someone that can rally others for a good cause, who is forward thinking and has experience running community campaigns.

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